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  News        11 October 2021 - A selection of recent consultancy work in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. [read on]  
Octis Technology Pte. Ltd. provides engineering consultancy services for the energy, construction, manufacturing and transportation sectors as well as independent forensic engineering services in the following areas:
• Fire and explosion investigations
• Forensic investigation
• Failure analysis of components
• Fire risk assessment
• Power generation tripping
• Supply interruptions and trippings
• Lightning damage investigations
• Appliance failure investigation
• Battery failure investigation
• Plant failure investigation
• Machinery failure investigation
• Joint failure investigation
• Design review
• Product defect analysis
• Root Cause Analysis
• Proposals for loss mitigation
• Litigation support
• Expert witness testimony
Our consultancy services cover fire and forensic investigation of electrical, electronics, mechanical and control systems or components of plants and machinery or transportation systems (including vehicles).

Industries covered:

• Transportation (e.g., trains, MRT)
• Material handling equipment
• Fossil-fuel power stations
• Hydro-electric power station
• Coal handling facilities
• Switch-yards and switch-rooms


• Commercial and industrial facilities
• Warehouses
• Manufacturing plants
• Process plants (e.g., boilers)
• Petrochemical plants
• Oil rigs, marine vessels, etc.


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